The AUTOCLEAN version with 36 litre container volume. • AUTOCLEAN automatic main filter cleaning system with infinitely adjustable cleaning intervals • Approved for dust category M • Antistatic function prevents static developing during work • Constantly high suction because of the compact high performance turbine • Attachment of Systainers via Sys-Dock • Hose garage and cable windup for greater tidiness and safety Main applications • For dust with limit values > 0.1 mg/m³ • As an addition to the PLANEX LHS 225 long-reach sander, particularly for sanding filler • Integral automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for extraction from electric power tools • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction 

This Festool 1050 watt Plunge Cut Saw has a long service life resulting from the use of high-quality, sturdy drive, bearing and gear elements, meaning that the machine costs are low. Its patented backlash-free guidance system and swiveling segments ensure outstanding results and precise, dead-straight cutting. Using this Festool Plunge Cut Saw means that nearly no reworking is needed due to splinter free cut thanks to patented splinter guard and it gives you shorter working times since the scribe mark is aligned to the guide edge and the cut edge.

Festool is a brand like no other. With more than 80 years of experience in the manufacture of cutting edge power tools. ( Time and time again , Festool has developed solutions that satisfy the toughest demands and offer additional benefits.

Festool RO 150 FEQ-Plus Rotex Sander • Coarse sanding, fine sanding, polishing • ROTEX rotary motion for efficient material removal • Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch-free surfaces • FastFix sanding pad system, tool-less • Ideal ergonomic grip positions • Sanding up to the edge thanks to the Festool PROTECTOR • Sanding off old paint and varnish • Sanding wooden materials • Renovation work such as sanding steps • Sanding and polishing mineral materials • Preliminary and coarse sanding of repair compound • Hologram-free polishing 

Bona Flexi-sand is a versatile floor sanding machine and buffing machine which has been adapted to meet the demands of the flooring contractor. This powerful machine is suitable for medium to hard  sanding as well as for use with the Bona Scrad System for abrading between lacquer coats or keying an existing surface. The sander has the following three main purposes. • as a sander when your drum sander isnt needed •to abrade or de-nib between coats of lacquer •as a buffer when oiling a floor


There is a wide choice in floor sanding equipment ranging from the very bad to the very good. As described on the 'DIY or Professional' page, there are many reasons why the hire equipment should be avoided at all costs. Lägler ( are widely recognised as the world market leader in dustless floor sanding technology. Using top quality German engineering, Lägler machinery is used across the globe in over 100 countries. Any professional floor sanding contractor understands there really is only one choice in floor sanding equipment. Born in Frauenzimmern and trained as a mechanical engineer, Eugen Lägler recognised in the fifties the significance of automation in parquet sanding. He called this first belt sander the 'HUMMEL' due to its humming drive noise - without foreseeing that this name would soon advance to a synonym for perfect parquet sanding.

The Lägler 'HUMMEL' The Hummel is used to sand the main area of the floor. Outstanding build quality and years of fine tuning Eugene Lägler original 1970’s design means the Hummel is often copied but never equaled. As Lägler themselves simply put it “The Lägler Hummel is the best known floor sanding machine in the world with long life technology for perfect sanding results.” Max dust emissions are a tiny 2mg per cubic meter (basically, a cap full per bin liner of sawdust, such a tiny amount, it’s not even worth taking down the pictures in your home).

The Lägler "UNICO"> I use the Lägler Unico for the edge sanding, which gets to all the areas the Hummel cannot reach. Again, Lägler's combination of high build quality and constant innovation has led to the manufacture of the Unico, an extremely effective edge sander with enormous suction power. Max dust emissions are 0.5mg per cubic meter.


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