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DIY or Proffesional:

Ok so you have decided you want your floor sanded, the next decision is who is going to do the job?

DIY or professional ? Please do not consider hiring floor sanding equipment and doing the job yourself (or by your handyman/son/neighbour etc). The equipment from the hire shops is not the same as the equipment used by professionals.

You may think you will be saving money but this is a false economy as it’s never dust free. You will also need to hire 3 or 4 machines for the edges and corners etc and it will take 2-3 times longer to achieve a far inferior finish.

Don’t forget that the listed hire price does not include sanding belts and disks which you will use plenty of due to the lack of power these machine have. If you do it yourself, in most instances, you will save just £50 - £80 and will have spent an unpleasant, dusty few days to achieve results you will be unhappy with.

I also include the cost of sealer/lacquer in the quote whereas you will have to purchase this without the benefit of any trade discount. You can expect to pay about £60 for a 5ltr container and you will have plenty of wastage.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been called to 'finish' a floor where someone has hired the equipment themselves and given up half way through or has been unhappy with the 'chatter marks' (these are gauges or ripples where the equipment has been unable to 'cut' the floor and 'bounces' leaving unsightly marks) left by the inferior equipment.

Other Companies? Undoubtedly, there are many other companies that can sand your floors for you. While the reputable companies tend to do a good job, they can be very expensive. Unfortunately some people do cut corners or use out of date equipment (not dissimilar to the hire shop equipment), which means dust gets to every corner of your home and you spend weeks cleaning afterwards. 'Cut corners' like these are all to common...

•Only applying two coats of sealer (I always apply at least three coats)

•Not 'working through the grits' properly, resulting in a slightly rough finish

•Finishing on anything less that a fine P100 grit (I always finish on a P100 or a P120 grit)

•Not actually doing the repairs that have been quoted for(but still charging you for them) so regardless of how well sanded it is, it will not look its best

I believe in the beauty of wooden floors and take pride in restoring them back to their former glory.

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